Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wonderful Weekend!

Been having the nicest weekend so far (except for the #*@&in' lack of a subway!). Have put up a FEW shots over on Buzznet - I'll be doing up a full gallery for the Amazing Bronx River Flotilla, I also have more pictures of Renata's launch, but right now I have to go for a schooner ride - yep, the Adirondack's back in town, was swinging by the pier to drop off some stuff at my boat last night when I heard this really familiar horn...I thought "oh, that's cute, the Scaranos used the same horn on the Manhattan so their boats all sound the same" - but then I looked over & there went those masts!

Not crewing tonight. Probably crewing next weekend when the Adirondack, the Adirondack II & the Manhattan will all be there & running. Party at the pier!

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