Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Randall's Island update & 4/15 bike tour

So the The New York City Franchise and Concession Review Committee has OK'd the plans for the Randall's Island water park thingy I posted about the other day. Been in the news quite a bit this week - this is a lunch break post & I don't have much time to look for stuff but here's a New York Times article about it (registration required, will be archived in a few days). Here's an article about it in today's Columbia Spectator too although the Times article is more current (notably in the detail about how Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has changed his position after the developers offered to work some discounts into their entry fees to make it more accessible to local families with low incomes - I'd heard that on WNYC news on Monday morning, too, Spectator article still has him opposing). Have to correct something that was posted here, too - I posted Harry's comment as it stood, including the phrase "Access: Price of admission to this private enterprise will be more than $60." - the admission fees I've seen elsewhere have been in the $30 - $40 range. OK, long story short, if you're interested, I'd really recommend the Times article even though they are pains & make you sign in.

Personally...well, although I must sheepishly (froggishly?) confess to a fondness for water slides (well, are you surprised?), I don't like the aspect of "oh, la la la, let's hand over 26 acres of public park to the first developer that raises their hand" (the City Comptroller is still opposing the project in part because of that exact thing), plus it looks like it might eat up some waterfront (including a popular lunch break spot for kayak circumnavigations of Manhattan) with something that doesn't really need it...

It still has to go through the whole public hearing thing.

Harry Bubbins' comment included a couple of emails where opinions can be sent: (council member) (city comptroller's office)

and/or you can contact
Mayor Bloomberg - that's a link to a contact form, give it a minute, it does pop up

BIKE TOUR INFO: If live in the New York metropolitan area, have a bike, and would like to get a look at the area in question, Harry's organization Friends of Brook Park and Time's Up (the group behind the Critical Mass bike rides) run a series of environmentally-themed bike tours there. The next one's this Saturday, April 15th, 12:30 pm, Meet at Brook Park, 141st Street and Brook Avenue, the Bronx.

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