Friday, April 28, 2006

Renata's off!

Note prior to running out of office - Renata said her next major stop was Newport, Rhode Island, that'll be early next week. If I hear any details, I will of course post 'em here!

Not much time to post now but I've heard from a couple of people who got the chance to go meet Renata & paddle with her. I'm so glad to hear people had a good time -totally makes all the running around making a pest of myself worth it! Particular thanks to Phil who read about it when I posted on & was nice enough to send me today's pictures with permission to post!

I got to go see her off this morning - that was great. She is a really neat person & having the chance to actually hang out while she packed up to go more than made up for having to miss the Wednesday event. I just wish I'd just taken the whole day off & could've actually jumped in my boat & paddled down at least a ways with them - she's being joined for the next couple of days by a couple of journalists from Outside Magazine. Might be just as well that I did not get in my boat, though -watching them pack up their boats to go I found myself wishing I was going too & it might have been reeeeally hard to actually make myself turn around & head back to my home pier. Somehow I'm thinking of that one chapter in The Wind in the Willows where the Water Rat meets the Sea Rat & nearly leaves The River...

I'll be having a water adventure of a VERY different sort tomorrow though - my friend Andy, being the head guide, was able to get me in (on an extremely last-minute basis) on the 7th Annual Amazing Bronx River Flotilla. Yes, you read it right! The route goes right through the Bronx Zoo. This should be interesting!

Assuming I am not eaten by a tiger, I expect to spend all day Sunday sorting through all the pictures from today & tomorrow.

I think it may be time to get an external hard drive.

First though, I must go get some work done!

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