Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Week from hell filler linkfest.

OK, week from hell well underway. Deadline for 2 major projects was on next week Monday - somebody somewhere realized that was cruelty to finance people (very kind, lord knows we're nowhere near as cute as baby harp seals). But then just to make life more entertaining, a less understanding power that be has decided that my boss should move this week. Not far, just around the corner. But still. Argh.

running of to play Irish music now - wasn't going to go but good heavens, one of our accordion players is celebrating his 80th birthday, can't miss that!

Teaching tomorrow at the Sarah Lawrence pool session unless all hell breaks loose.

in the meantime -

Richard wrote a very nice post on Manhattan Kayak Company's blog, it's about stretching, a topic he knows well as a professional dancer.

Think those paddles & planes posts were a little of me doing some intellectual stretching. Although as I said to him in an email yesterday - there's a fine line between stretching & straining & the personal mental jury is still out on whether I crossed it.

Lemmesee, also my friend Harry (the one who didn't leave the comment about fighting the indoor water park on Randall's Island) is having his 2nd Annual Art & Meat show at Jeffrey's Meat Market & Gallery. Only in New York.

Also Voyageur & a couple of other folks set out from the Rustbucket at 6 a.m. on Saturday. They not only spotted the seals the Times wrote about, they were also passed on the way back by a pod of 6 harbor porpoises. That's the 2nd NY Harbor/North River porpoise encounter in the recent past. And here I thought I was being ludicrously optimistic when I posted the Marine Mammals Viewing Guidelines after my friend Tim crossed paths with a harbor seal down by Pier 40 last year. NYCKayaker has been relatively abuzz over it - am thinking I might post a little more on that sometime when I don't have a session to get to.

Also if you haven't read the comments on Of Paddles & Planes III - I think they're worth a visit. That got interesting.

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