Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another lovely day on the Rosemary Ruth. Temperature hovering around freezing, winds gusting to 30kts, there was spray being torn off the top of our wake. After some of the promised/warned-of heeling test, Richard had us take down everything but the reefed fore. Still, I'm too tired for words. Tired in a satisfying way though. So since that's all the words I have energy for, here are some nice pictures instead.

p.s. in case any local paddlers are interested - I got the following notice from Noreen Doyle at the Hudson River Park Trust.
The Advisory Council meeting has been scheduled for Monday at 5 pm at the NYC Comptroller’s office. The Chair has not circulated an agenda yet. In the future we will post on our website.

HRPT Advisory Council
Meeting Notice

When: Monday, March 19th, 2007
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Where: NYC Comptroller’s Office, 1 Centre Street
Agenda will follow
One of the folks who's very involved in the Hudson River Paddler's Guild had mentioned that at that Monday meeting too (thanks Mike!). Sorry I didn't mention it sooner. I still haven't seen an agenda, but with Pier 63 still up in the air, and the developments at CB1, I may still try to attend, just to see if anything interesting happens. I will definitely be late, and wouldn't it be just my luck to work my tail off to get out & down there as soon as I can and walk in just as they are finishing the boathouse section & moving on to the dog run people (oy, and if you think this water access business is a big ol' soap opera, I hear the dog people are WAY more emphatic than the paddlers). If I get an agenda, I'll post it here immediately.

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