Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snowy St. Patrick's Day

Not quite time to put them outside yet, I guess! We'd had some days in here where I was starting to wonder. I've seen a real blizzard on St. Patrick's Day, so I wasn't going to rush things - but jeeze, it's been springy!

I have, however, begun hardening off - on days when it's been nice, I've been leaving the windows open so they can get used to the breezes, and direct sunlight. I do that anyways - nice to air out the place, anyways. BTW I never would've known to do that, fortunately I was hanging out with Adele the Gardening Co-Chair & we were talking about Spring and she realized that I wouldn't know to do this. So I am & will continue to do so, oh, probably until April or so.

Looking forward to Spring as much as ever, but honestly the way the last couple of weeks have been, I'm not dissappointed at this little weather-induced hiatus. Will let me finish a couple of things I need to today, then tomorrow I'll get out on the Rosemary Ruth instead of paddling in Norwalk. The invitation said "Heeling test! You must be good at hanging on!". TQ's got some stuff he's working on on a deadline too, so I'm hoping next week will be a better week & we'll both be feeling a little caught-up with our respective responsibilities & can have a nice Sunday together with clear consciences all around.

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