Monday, March 05, 2007

Eventful day...

Wow. Check it out. I'm a Popeye Award recipient. Says something about "sailing blogs", too - shoot, good thing I talked about actually sailing yesterday, for the first time in, like, a month. The timing, btw, was purely coincidental.

Also very exciting, it seems that my hopes of learning to sail a li'l dinghy at Sebago this summer has gotten me a role in a battle for world domination. Of course I'm not sure whether my role is as significant as that of the surfing rodents, but it looks like this could be almost as much fun as the ongoing struggle for paddle supremacy. The one in which I stubbornly continue to play the field, refusing to choose Euro or Greenland or wing. What can I say, I like 'em all!

And anyways -

Baby, this ain't Sisimiut!

(oh, but please don't tell THEM that, they'll be SO disappointed)

To close...oh, I just couldn't resist...

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