Thursday, March 08, 2007

They're Baaaaaack!

Quick lunchtime post - Monk Parakeet Update!

Back in December, I'd reported that a pair of monk parakeets (Brooklyn's favorite invasive species) were investigating the utility pole in front of the Sebago Canoe Club for a potential parrot homestead.

Although they didn't seem to have made any progress by the time we left the club on the day I took that picture (which was an awfully windy day), they perservered, and by the next week, there was a full-sized nest there.

Then it seemed like they went away. Not far away, they were still being seen occasionally - but always apparently on their way through to somewhere else. Adele figured they'd built a nest somewhere further down the basin where there weren't as many pesky gardeners hanging around (we've got a bad infestation at Sebago, and as I've mentioned before, between them & TQ, who likes to grow things too, I think I may be getting infected - black thumb notwithstanding, my squashlets are doing beautifully & I'm looking forward to transplanting in another month or so!). I'd been around the club in the evening a couple of times, when I thought that they would've been turning in for the night, but I didn't see them or hear them (and if those guys are anywhere within a quarter mile, you hear them). We all thought they'd left.

But then - I saw them perched on the power lines above the nest a couple of weeks ago; someone else saw them on the nest a week ago; and then yesterday Adele & I had the following exchange:

>-----Original Message-----
>>From: adele
>>Sent: Mar 7, 2007 9:30 PM
>>To: bonnie
>>Subject: parrots at sebago
>>Hi Bonnie,
>>I went to Sebago today and saw the parrots huddled together in their
>>nest. They looked extra cute. I put down a bunch of sunflower seeds on
>>the ground. I hope they eat them.
>>See you Sunday,

bonnie wrote:

>Well, either they'll eat them, or we'll have sunflowers. Or both! It
all sounds good!
>I think I'm driving Stevie crazy with my requests for paddles...

Near the nest - on the nest - IN the nest. That's good enough for me! Ladies & gentlemen, looks like we've got parrots.

Maybe the pair just went on a nice vacation - one last one before they get busy with eggs, y'know?

Now I just hope they don't get spooked away when it warms up & the gardening resumes. Been pretty cold over the last few weeks. Maybe if we supply some supplementary food every now & then, they'll decide we're not so bad!

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