Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sunday Dance/Music/Poetry/Photography event

Sorry no time for posting this week! Lots of work + Monday night meeting + assorted fun stuff = neglected blog. The meeting, btw, was another SERIOUSLY good one, we had a great assortment of representatives from a lot of places turn out to show support for Pier 26 - at this point, the outcome there really doesn't have any impact on my personal ability to paddle, but I still see myself as one yappy little part of a much larger community, and in that way, cuts to the overall boating in the Hudson still matter a whole lot to me. I really need to do the Cast of Characters post that I'd planned to do after my Storage By the Numbers - that was were I was going to take the numbers I'd showed & put them in actual context of what groups are operating where, and what kind of access they each provide - all of 'em together and you have this incredibly rich mix of people using the water - take any one out, and I don't think it would be the END of park paddling & rowing, but I think that it would take away a couple of facets worth of sparkle. Sigh, no time for that at the moment - may not manage to post again 'til next week, please forgive the hiatus!

(note to G.C. - don't worry, finishing the newsletter article is in the "assorted fun stuff" that's taking precedence over blogging!)

Did want to post this, though, it came in over my Irish music yahoo group - I love it when my interests converge harmonically! This sounds really neat...unfortunately, as I told Matt, I have some tentative plans involving being on the water on Sunday, possibly in the Norwalk Islands in CT, and doubt I can make it - but I did want to put this on here. Me being me, and liking having my cake & eating it too, I've of course asked if there's any chance they'll do it again...shoot, they should hook up with New York Packet (if they're not already hooked, Irish music circles in NYC look a lot like those mazy Celtic designs on the t-shirts the musicians sometimes like to wear) and do it at the South Street Seaport Museum...that would be cool...ok, already spent more time than I was supposed to, 'nuff pipe dreaming, here's the announcement, for anyone who CAN make it!
Please excuse the interruption, but I wanted to make everyone aware that I will be performing this Sunday with a small group at the Construction Company Theater (10 East 18th St, 3rd Floor Between Broadway and 5th Ave). The songs are all original material that was put together for this project and are all based on the theme of New York Waterways and the history that flows from it. Feel free to come along on a relaxing trip downstream with us....

As a warning, please forgive any butchering of an Irish tune or two that will be thrown into the mix. This group primarily does songs with a little bluegrass thrown in, so don't expect a night of jigs and reels.

See below for details:

Sunday, March 18
The Contruction Company Dance Gallery Presents:

A warm interweaving of music, photographs and poetry that creates a stirring, impressionistic overview of New York's hardworking waterways . Featuring:

Matt Diaz: flute, banjo, pennywhistle, bouzouki
Rob Meador: mandolin, guitar
G. Doug Pierson: guitar, button accordian
Ian Stell: dobro, weissenheimer, guitar
Loren Stell: spoken word
Colin Dean: acoustic bass

10 East 18th Street , 3rd Floor (between Broadway and 5th Avenue)
Sunday March 18
5:00 pm

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