Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy World Water Day

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Here's Captain Sarah filling the Carina's fresh water tank. What a vacation that was. Isn't water lovely?

And today I'm not just talking about the variety that floats our various and sundry boats - I'm talking about water in all its' wonderful varieties. Drinking, washing, irrigating. raining, cascading, flowing...oh one could go all poetical with it...

The point of posting this particular picture is - it says something about how easy it is for those of us in developed nations to take clean, fresh water for granted. I think that boating does help instill an appreciation for this vital fluid - that business of knowing that all the fresh water you have is what's in your tanks (or camelback, or bladders in your hatches, or whatever container you use to tote the stuff) makes for less extravagant use. But even so, on this trip in the BVI's, we still had the distinct luxury of knowing that when we were running low on water, we'd be able to find somewhere to top off pretty easily.

And that's a luxury that a lot of people don't have. I didn't realize it until I heard it on NPR this morning, but today IS World Water Day.

And I'm happy to use my lunch half-hour to bring that to your attention!

Happy Water Day, everyone!

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