Saturday, March 24, 2007


Rough week at work. Fortunately today was a nice enough day for the following five-step recovery:

1. Go to kayak club. Enjoy sight of little green shoots coming up all over the place, even the final bits of snow from the hopefully final blizzard of winter 06-07.

2. Paddle 'til you drop. Close eyes. Drift for unspecified amout of time, listen to canada geese, lapping water. Then get up, go into clubhouse, sit down close to the woodstove, have some hot soup & cider & sit until darned good & ready to put boats away.

3. Join gardeners working on decorative plantings by front door.

4. Start working on bed for the squashlets. Make loads of progress & be at good stopping point by the time it's time to go. Go out for dinner with friends with whom you've just spent the day paddling & gardening, then head back to their place for coffee & hanging-out.

5. Get home & tell the squashlets to be patient, just a couple more weeks...

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