Monday, March 12, 2007

Rosemary Ruth. Bone in teeth. Oh my yes.

This was weekend before last. Wish I'd been there. Wearing one of Richard's nice warm Mustang float coats...wheee! Fortunately somebody had a video camera!

Did not get outside boating this weekend despite noises to that effect on Saturday. Actually started pulling gear together, but then thought about lack of food in 'fridge, and article I'm working on, and lack of clean clothes, and length & intensity of Sunday's activity, and also possibility of getting all the way out to Sebago only to find the basin still iced in (probably wouldn't have negotiated the ice solo) & ditched paddling for a nice long brisk walk. Nice night, it was. Feels like Spring, tra la la!

The symposium was great, I think I only missed about 3 majorly crucial points on my paddle presentation (like I meant to mention that a great way to go about choosing a paddle is to paddle with a club or group of experienced paddlers, ask people how they like their paddles & ask if you can try them - frankly I just think all new paddlers should paddle with groups, the learning curve is SO much kinder when you get to learn from other people's mistakes instead of making every single one of them yourself, y'know?).

More later on the symposium. Already spent too much time responding to a comment from the prior post - there's day-job work to be done before I run off to the meeting tonight.

Folks who've been following the whole Hudson River Park saga might find those comments interesting, btw. My response is pure opinion on my part of course, the frustrating thing about real life is you just never know, sometimes, whether you're right or wrong, all you can do sometimes is say what you think is right & hope for the best.

Although it's easy to read evil motives into a situation where you have one pier that used to be all about boating & ecological education turning into a pier whose main focus is a big restaurant, and another pier where there's boating going on being eyed as a just another permanent venue for entertainment empire Cirque du Soleil (maybe they'll do "O" and call it water-dependent...grrrr...why not Times Square, with the Lion King and Madame Tussaud's? That would be TOTALLY appropriate & quite cool!), the story usually isn't that satisfyingly dramatic. More thoughts in those comments. Back to work for me now.

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