Monday, August 29, 2011

Chelsea Yacht Club - High Tide during Irene

Oh my goodness. Just in from Dennis G. Moonstruck - members of the Chelsea Yacht Club in Chelsea, NY (Latitude N 41° 33.190, Longitude W 073° 58.221) inspect their club at high water on Sunday.


Sebago really, really, really got lucky. Good luck to the CYC in their cleanup. Wow.

Anyone who's done the Great Hudson River Paddle may recognize the Chelsea Yacht Club as one of the overnight hosts of the paddle.


Pandabonium said...

Holy moly. You need a kayak to get to the club.

JP said...

You could kayak to the bar!

Looks like a bit of a mess :(

ol philosophizer said...

Hi Bonnie,
Now that I have power, I would like to share some upstate video with you (Although you may have to do the technical stuff to get it to work). Ulster, Greene, and Delaware Counties were hit very hard by the flash flooding after the rain.(There were 86 roads out in my county). Here is a link to a video that shows a stream down the road from where I live. You can't tell it from the video, but the road shot shows the stream flowing over a bridge. The day after the storm, the spaces between the railings on the downstream side where neatly filled in with wood as if an artistic beaver had woven a wood rug. On a much sadder note, a family at the school where I volunteer lost their home, all of their possessions, and two horses and a pony to a flooding creek. (The recorded rainfall total for the storm for that area was 13.3 inches, and the Weather Channel said it was the big winner, so I guess sometimes it's better to lose). We may not get hurricanes like they do in the south, but I bet that if you ask anyone in the Catskills they will tell you that Irene was more than enough.

bonnie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friends' losses. Yeah, I started out making jokes about how the main effect of Irene on my life was an apartment that was the cleanest it had been in months - but I knocked that off as soon as the word started filtering in how bad things had been elsewhere. Yes, Irene was more than enough & nothing funny about her.

ol philosophizer said...

There is no need to feel badly about joking about Irene because one of the most important assets people can have to get through these events is a fully functioning sense of humor. True, in cases where the losses are staggering, that may take time to surface, but for everyone else it helps reaffirm that life goes on. Yesterday I spent the afternoon helping remove mud and the contents of a cellar from a home that had been flooded up to 5 feet on the first floor,and within a half hour we all looked like 5 year olds playing in a huge mud puddle. At times, we also acted that way, and even the homeowners found relief in laughter. So don't discontinue what you're doing, Bonnie, because we all need to have our funny bone tickled from time to time. After all, as that old song says, the sun comes up tomorrow.
Ol' P