Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I Never Threw Away My Old Paddle Float

032 by bkfrogma
032, a photo by bkfrogma on Flickr.

My old Gaia single-chamber paddle float (which I liked a lot, it was small but it was all the flotation I really needed for a self-rescue) had stopped being completely airtight a few years ago. I got a new paddle float shortly after the pool session at which I'd discovered the old one had a slow leak - but I held onto the old one because I thought it would make a really good patch.

I got to put that to the test when I lost a hatch cover while playing in Plum Gut on Saturday. Worked great.

Of course what would be even better would be if I finally get around to attaching the hatch covers to the boat. I have been meaning to do that for ages. I have some line for the purpose, just never got around to actually doing the attachment.

Now - anyone want to start a pool as to whether I actually do it, or whether I wait to lose the back hatch cover first? When that happens, you see, I will have actually replaced the entire set that came with the boat!


Anonymous said...

I bet on 'just-in-time' maintenance. I do a lot of that.

Steve in Baltimore

bonnie said...

Steve in Baltimore, I hate to admit it but that is probably a safe bet.

Actually another pool I should start is how long I paddle with the jury rig (which actually held up quite nicely for the rest of the day - and I couldn't resist joining in the rolling session at the end).

Actually that will depend a lot on whether Randy at NY Kayak has these in stock. His shop is very convenient to my office.

Although I wouldn't mind visiting the Lozanos up at Annesville Creek either - haven't been up there yet this year and I always like going there.

bonnie said...

Oh, I should mention, we did add a couple more pieces of duct tape right at the front after I took this picture. The float was cinched to the hatch with a piece of parachute cord, and I thought that the little loose flap forward of the hatch was likely get grabbed if a wave came over the bow.

Like most of my just-in-time repairs, it wasn't pretty, but it worked.

moonmarked said...

I'm appreciating the matching yellow duct tape!

bonnie said...

Why thank you! :D

O Docker said...

If this had been me, it would be at this point that I'd realize I'd just taped my water bottle inside the hatch.

bonnie said...

Ha! Definitely a possibility. I did make sure everything crucial came out, 'cause that is not coming off until I have a new hatch cover in hand.

Baydog said...

That's what she said. :) Sorry, it's kind of a personal joke.