Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Hurricane Prep



There we go. Precariously perched collection of Jamaica Bay beachcombing treasures moved off the windowsill. I think I'm now as ready as I'm going to be. :D

Seriously - I wish I could've gone out to the club to help get tie down boats this morning, then I might have had some pictures that were actually interesting to share here, but I've STILL got a stupid cold.

Raining now, but I think I'll go for a walk. Maybe see if any of the neighborhood restaurants are feeding people today. I know I should keep my germs to myself, but tomorrow is looking like a cooped-up kind of day.


Filip Demuinck said...

Good luck, I hope you don't get any damage.


bonnie said...

Thanks, Filip. Should be fine!

Carol Anne said...

One more preparation: put masking tape on the windows in a diagonal pattern so if the window blows in, the glass shards don't fly all over the place.

Your window looks like it's pretty sheltered to start with, but you never know. For Hurricane Alicia, Pat (the one with hurricane experience) didn't want to bother with the masking tape, because we were 40 miles inland and he didn't think the hurricane would be that strong when it got to us. But I insisted, and it was a good thing; the bedroom window did blow in.

bonnie said...

I was actually more worried about the wind rattling the window - the top row are perched on the edge of the lower window and it's barely wider than they are. Wouldn't take much shaking to bring them down.

At this point, I've got my fingers crossed that this Dr. Jeff Masters fellow to whom several of my more scientifically-minded friends have been linking in the last couple of days is right - his latest predictions are that we actually aren't going to see winds much over 55 (Irene does have stronger winds than that but the good doctor is saying that the quadrant that's hitting NY is weaker).

One interesting thing about my apartment's windows - most of them face into the very sheltered courtyard of my building and never catch much breeze (takes fans to move the air around at all), but the one window that does have more exposure is actually made of that safety glass with the embedded wire glass. That's the one I would be the most concerned about, but some builder seems to have thought that out for me.

bonnie said...

Embedded wire MESH.

Not very pretty, but that window is not ending up on the floor tomorrow even if Dr. Jeff Masters turns out to be completely wrong.

I'm seriously hoping for nothing that requires bringing in the insurance company, though.

bonnie said...

And he was right. Yay.

Carol Anne said...

Glad you didn't suffer any damage, and glad your neighborhood was mostly OK too. That was an impressive tree that fell. Hurricane Alicia turned our apartment complex swimming pool into the world's largest potted plant by blowing down a nearby tree and then blowing it around until its roots fell into the pool. Unfortunately, back then, we didn't have ready access to digital cameras to get pictures.

Pat said...

Oh yes -- on the Gulf Coast, we had the trick of using laundry stain remover (Spray and Wash or Shout) to get the tape off the windows after the storm passed. Of course, if someone waited for weeks before trying to get the tape off, it would be challenging.