Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Highlands Fling!

Just got an email about another excellent event for an excellent cause which I will be posting in a day or two - but first, that reminded me of this Saturday's fun in the Hudson Highlands, and I thought I would just toss up a quick reminder. There's a race for the speedy, a "poker run" tour for those who prefer a more leisurely pace, prizes, and a barbecue, all set in the most spectacular stretch of scenery the river has to offer, the Hudson Highlands. Click here for full details. I am hoping it's a howling success for purely selfish reasons - I want to go next year!

If this wasn't the weekend between 2 roadtrips, I'd be begging TQ to fire up the Mighty Taurus and take me up there. As it is, I'm staying a little closer to home, helping out my fellow Brooklyn amphibians at the Coney Island-Brighton Beach Open-Water Swimmers' Association with their Aquarium 5k - which happens to be a US Master's Swimming Championship this year. Early start (especially since I will have been carousing at the LIC Boathouse/Sebago Canoe Club joint Brooklyn Bridge paddle the night before - I was going to be rational and make an either-or decision but my friend Teddy is actually helping to ORGANIZE both of those and said that it would be whussy of me not to do both - never was good at resisting peer pressure!) but there should be some spectacular swimmers there, the kind that actually make their own bow waves, y'know?

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