Sunday, August 28, 2011

A few photos from the tail-end of Irene

17th St. blocked for traffic
East 17th street blocked for traffic.

Tree down 17th st 1
Tree down on East 17th street.

Tree down 17th st. 2

Tree down 17th St. 3
What a lucky fall - it went down right across the street and just missed the porches on the other side.

Almost-empty bread shelves at C-Town

Almost-empty watershelves at C-Tow

Aftermath of the mad shopping stampede - bread and water almost gone. What, were we getting ready for a hurricane, or a weekend in the brig?

Still windy
Inverted (in focus)
I just happened to take the first one at the precise instant a gust came through and turned both umbrellas inside-out!

Mamma Lucia's - closed anyways!
Did they pick a good weekend for vacation, or what?

And for a few pictures of how the club did, check out Andy's pictures on the Sebago Canoe Club blog. Some rainwater in the clubhouse, but mostly OK!


Pandabonium said...

Now I know where to send Mr. Sarkozy when he starts using bad language -
JS French Cleaners.

Carol Anne said...

And I want to eat out at Mamma Lucia's when she reopens. I love Italian, especially when there's lots of garlic.

bonnie said...

Pandabonium, I am trying to come up with a good pun & failing...something about "zut!" suit, you know...

Carol Anne, you're on. If you and Pat ever do a fifth-wheel tour that goes through my area, I will treat you to dinner at Mamma Lucia's. It's not hip enough for the hipsters in my area but I love it, it is a good old northern Italian red-sauce joint in the finest tradition and not stingy on the garlic.