Tuesday, August 09, 2011

NO WAY!!!!

Janice Ann Reinauer by bkfrogma
Janice Ann Reinauer, a photo by bkfrogma on Flickr.


The 2011 Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition will be held on the 4th of September?

And I haven't got any conflicts that I can think of or spot in the calendar?


Nevertheless, I have optimistically purchased myself a pair of tickets on the spectator boats, and 10 raffle tickets, and I emailed my honey to see if I've got myself a date for the day, and I am going to go home tonight and see if I can find my Reinauer cap, and...and...I'M SO EXCITED!

Somehow I've only ever gotten to go once and things were kinda messed up that year 'cause Pier 63 was about to be shut down and the internal politics were turning mean.

This year, life is good (at least on the boat-storage and interpersonal-relations fronts, and I'm thinking I might just file the next 401K statement unopened, under "What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me") and I am doing this thing RIGHT.



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Bursledon Blogger said...

Many old salty sea dogs of a certain age seem to sport shaggy grey beards, but I've never seen one on a boat before!!

bonnie said...

It's "Old school" around here, and isn't it a nice look? My friend J. over at Tugmasters was just admiring a similarly bedecked bow recently. It's called a bow pudding and another highly regarded local waterblogger has written a whole series of posts about them - both the classic rope ones like this one that were made by hand by tug crews during idle hours, and the more modern rubber replacement. Click here to start, and if you want to see more, just search his blog for "Bow Pudding".

Pandabonium said...

That's great. What is it about the look of a tugboat that is so noble and inspiring? I never saw one in person until I was an adult. Was it reading "Little Toot" as a child? Was it the model of a harbor tug that my dad built when I was perhaps 12? Wherever it comes from a tugboat is something wonderful to see. Looking forward to your pics and report on the race.

bonnie said...

Well, if the weather cooperates I hope to get some good pictures of the actual race this year - between being on the spectator boat and having the much nicer camera that TQ got me for Christmas, if the weather cooperates, I'm really looking forward to a fun day of picturetaking.

Jolea said...

AWESOME!!!! i wanna go!

bonnie said...

Oh, you'd love it. I can't wait. I hope the weather is nice!