Monday, August 08, 2011

Who needs it?

OK...mind if I whine for a minute?

Yes? Well, tough, it's my blog, and I can whine if I want to, whine if I want to, whine if I want to!

You remember my little eddied-out at Orient Point video, right?

Well, here it is again. Listen!

Rushing water - gusts of wind - the cries of terns - fine sounds for a summer day.

Now...listen again:

Did you see the cigarette boat? No, right?

You can't even see the blasted thing and yet it's STILL the only thing you can hear.

Really don't see why anybody needs to make THAT much noise to have a nice day on the water.

Grumble grumble.

thus endeth the whine.


Baydog said...

Horrors! We NEVER have that kind of noise down Barnegat Bay. :)

bonnie said...

Howdja manage that? Mines that only go off when struck by a boat travelling faster than 50 kts?

Heh heh heh.

bonnie said...

Not that I would condone anything like that. Heavens no.

my2fish said...

I think your sentiments are largely shared by most people who truly enjoy sailing.

we were camping this weekend, on a smaller lake, and there was a group of people at the beach sharing 1 jet-ski... so they would fly right up next to the swimming area to change drivers. one guy was doing huge donuts on the jet-ski right next to the swimming area, and they would even drive at times inside the "swimming area" buoys... luckily not near anyone swimming.

on the flip side, I took the Sunfish out late Sunday evening (7:30pm or so), and most of the loud boats were done by then, although a few pontoons slowly cruised by us. I was giving one of my nephews his 1st ever ride in a sailboat and he kept saying: "Man, this is so peaceful."

Amen to that.

bonnie said...

I don't even mind the jetskis so much, as long as the riders aren't being jerks (like the set you describe - that's just thoughtless). The go-fasts, though? The noise output is just ridiculous. There's a loophole in NYS that allows boats designed expressly for racing to ignore the maximum decibel limit with which the rest of the world is supposed to comply, and if the owners only used the boats in racing, that would be fine - but just as often they seem to be just out tooling around in them.

Sort of like taking your Formula One racer out for a drive in the park. Blech!