Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mighty Cranky Power Ranger

Actually I'm not sure what that expression is - cranky, grumpy, or just determined? Click for detail - what do you think? Whatever it was, I just loved this picture - funny thing was, I was focused on the kids trying out the steel drum and I didn't see that face until I started going through my pictures! What a mug. Reminded me of that little boy who was sooo serious about the spinach-eating contest at the tugboat races earlier in the year -
and so appalled when the older kid won -- click on this one to really see that expression, the compressed view doesn't quite do it justice.
Anyways, it was a good day at the BBG the day before the day before the storm. Funny, too, I'd actually though about leaving when I'd gotten to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and discovered that they were having their annual Halloween "Ghouls and Ghosts" celebration, they were charging extra admission because of the festival and I usually go to the BBG in search of peace and quiet (I actually sometimes like to go on days when the weather's not so perfect because a lot of people won't) - but then I thought "Well, this might offer some fun picture-taking too". And it did, too - click here for a few more ! Oh, there are a few heron pictures in there, too - just the ones I liked the best, but if you already saw the full series just click through those, there's more Ghouls & Gourds after them.

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