Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rainbow For The City

Tonight's rainbow-shooting expedition was a success - I think this was my favorite shot of the evening, for some reason, so I'll put this up now as it ended up being a later night than I'd expected (since I knew where I was going and didn't have anywhere I was trying to get to afterwards, I was able to put a little more amble in my ramble). I'll put up a gallery with a few more tomorrow but at least now you see that I wasn't hitting the Balvenie yesterday! Click on the pictures for more detail, as usual.

Oh, wait, I like these ones too - walking down Bleeker Street, and Chaim Gross's The Family.
I basically just re-did last night's walk, except that instead of going down West 4th St to get to Dempsey's, I re-traced my steps to get back to the Broadway-Lafayette subway station, which not coincidentally also sent me right past Kelly & Ping's - I worked up a good appetite out shooting this rare nocturnal rainbow!

Adding one more the following morning, for O-Docker (or perhaps that should be O'Docker?), who mentioned something about some longstanding misconception he'd had about the end of the rainbow. I think a lot of us shared that so without further ado, here's what's REALLY at the end of the rainbow:
An extremely trendy lounge at the top of an extremely trendy hotel. And no, Harry, I don't know if they serve Skittles. I didn't even think of trying to get in although in hindsight perhaps I should have gone up and had at least one twenty-dollar concoction (or heck, even thirty if that's what it would take to get them to add in a smidgen of gin). However, I suspect that the minimum credentials for entry would be "has appeared in at least one international fashion magazine within the current season"!

By the way, for anyone who happens to stumble across this without having read my original post about this night rainbow, the backstory is that I was on my way to my Irish music session when I spotted the rainbow in the sky, and I just couldn't resist going to find it. It ended up being a teensy (ha ha) bit of a detour but I enjoyed tracking it down and decided to repeat my trek the next night, only with a camera this time.

Also, I hadn't mentioned this before, but one rather fun thing about everybody in the world except me having a smartphone these days is that I find that when something unique and unusual comes up, everybody is going to pull out their smartphones to find out what it is and if I just keep my ears open, I'll overhear someone explaining it to their friends. In this case, on Tuesday night I overheard someone say "It's for Sandy", which was enough for me to track down the rest of the story when I got home.

I first found a story on NY1, and a friend later sent me a link to a story with links on Gothamist. The rainbow is an art installation that's been touring this year, and in the aftermath of Sandy, and in a very nice gesture, the artist, Yvette Mattern, decided to bring it back to New York City in honor of those who are still suffering from the storm (so easy for even those of us who live in less-hard-hit neighborhoods to forget that it's still so bad in a lot of places).

Ms. Clark set her lights up on top of the Standard Hotel, the one that straddles the High Line, and for 3 nights this week (tonight's the last, I think), starting at 8 P.M., the rainbow beams out towards the Rockaway Peninsula. I live in Brooklyn, and although it was far too faint to photograph (at least with my camera), I did notice on Tuesday night that I could still see it in the sky when I got off the train in my neighborhood in Flatbush. It's hard to miss in downtown Manhattan, but if you're out and about tonight in Brooklyn or Queens, don't forget to take a look up in the sky to see if you can spot it.


O Docker said...

So, at the end of the rainbow, there's actually a pot of wonton soup?

That is so different from this other cockamamie story I was told, that I'm not even going to admit I believed it.

I'll only say that I'm feeling very foolish, gullible, and materialistic now.

bonnie said...

Well, there's a pot of wonton soup at the end of the rainbow hunt - although last night I picked jap chae.

We've still all been misled, though. At the actual end of the rainbow, there is an extremely trendy lounge. Now you know! :D

bonnie said...

Harry Milkman, over on Facebook:

"Yes, but do they serve Skittles?"

Had to pass that along.