Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sushi en brochette

Went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden the weekend before the hurricane. Thought I'd go see if there was any foliage there that I could take pictures of before Sandy blew it all away.

The color hadn't really gotten underway. But the fishing was good!

I got a whole series of pictures of this heron hunting in the Japanese Hill and Pond garden. I think he must live there, I've never seen a heron that was more blase about the presence of humans. The ones I see in Jamaica Bay are usually flying away because they saw me first, they are terribly skittish birds and I'm always pleased with myself when I can spot one and not make him fly, but this one? No way was he going to let some silly people deprive him of his koi kebabs.Click here for "Heron on the Hunt".

Special thanks to Bob Hilscher, who left a VERY nice compliment on that red-tailed hawk picture I'd posted a couple weeks ago. He and his wife Jean had their own unusual chance to get some excellent red-tail pictures when a hawk landed in a tree near them, and they left a link to a photo essay they'd posted on their site (click here for that). Among the pictures leading up to the arrival of the hawk, there was a lovely shot of a great blue heron, and that reminded me that I'd never really done anything here with my heron pictures. Between Sandy, the election, the nor'easter, I'm not sure I would've remembered without the reminder, and I'm glad I got one.

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