Saturday, November 24, 2012

Escape from Black Friday 2012

Ha ha, they'll never find me in here!

TQ usually joins me but he's working for parks in the Rockaways right now and they need all of their workers there now. The more they can get done before winter hits in a serious way, the better. I was happy to have him around for Thanksgiving, we weren't sure he was going to have that day off, but he did and since a pheasant only takes an hour, we did get in a nice hike with the dogs out at Floyd Bennett Field. Friday was a perfect paddling day, though, so I decided that an escape by water would be fine. Thought I'd be going solo, but I found a couple of like-minded friends out at the club and joined them.

More pictures from another fine Escape from Black Friday tonight - it was a beautiful day!

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