Thursday, November 08, 2012

Post-Sandy Recreational Boating Update

Sorry for the rather late notice, but Nancy at the New York City Watertrail Association's been doing a very good job of keeping us updated on the continuing post-Sandy moratorium on recreational boating in NY Harbor and it hit me, just as I was getting ready to shut down the computer & turn in, that today's update would be of interest to any local recreational boaters who are wondering what's going on. Here's the latest from NYCKayaker, which she posted this afternoon, with a link to more detail at the end:

In response to the continuing restrictions on recreational boating in NY Harbor more than a week after Hurricane Sandy hit, there are questions amongst the human-powered boating community as to why the restrictions remain in place and when they will be lifted.

To that end NYCWTA had a call with CDR Linda Sturgis of CG today. She provided lots of good info and in an effort to work with this community as a partner she was willing to set up a conference call for tomorrow 8 am for *any/all rec boaters* who want an account of what happened during the storm, where we are today, and what's next.

To view basic notes from today's preliminary call and tomorrow's conference call call-in info visit

nb for nycwta

Thanks Nancy (and Cdr. Sturgis, too)!

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