Saturday, November 10, 2012

Urban Wildlife (plus post-Sandy beach cleanup album link)

Oh deer! For more pictures from the beach cleanup at Coney Island at which I joined some of my Coney Island-Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers friends, click here. Excellent day, glad Ruby's was open for a little post-cleaning refreshment, and boy, am I ever tired!


O Docker said...

I'd never seen this, but just found it on YouTube - a documentary on Coney Island done in 1990 for a group of PBS stations.

If you haven't seen it, it's worth an hour.

bonnie said...

Thank you! I had an hour today and I enjoyed that very much. I'd actually seen some of it at the Brooklyn Museum once, but it was playing as part of an exhibit and I just watched a few minutes before I decided to wander on. Excellent documentary.

I loved the opening, with the fog around the old Thunderbolt coaster. That was still standing when I first moved to NY - I wish I'd had a chance to take some pictures of it before they tore it down but it happened sort of fast (story here).

bonnie said...

Oh, and check this out - here's a 1927 newsreel from which the documentary took some of the ride footage!

Harry said...

Thanks o docker,that was a good watch.