Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Help the Sebago Sailors - fill in the blanks!

Oh noes! The Sebago Sailing Co-Chairs sent out a message to all the Sebago sailors, but some silly kayak blogger went and lost a very important word. What do you think the sailors should bring for the work day?

"This has been a crazy fall/winter with the storms etc., and we have yet to put our fleet to bed and prepare for the winter season. Now it looks like we no longer have ______ at the club. Nonetheless we still need to attend to our boats and rigs. So this >Saturday we'll do a sailing workday from 10am - 2pm. >"Many hands make light work". If everyone could bring a bottle or two of ______ we can clean off the spars and finish the rest of our tasks."


my2fish said...

Jack Daniel's?

Tillerman said...

Goo Gone

bonnie said...

Goo Gone would work well after the chocolate milk that the Peconic Puffin suggested on Facebook.

I actually saw the original message & thought it was going to say "Bottle of scotch". That's just how coming back to work after a week and a day off makes me think, not what it actually said, but I think the day would go very fast if everybody brought a bottle or two of Scotch.

I hear that's a good way to approach Thanksgiving, too.

Baydog said...

Avon's "Skin so Soft". It has over one million uses.

Tillerman said...

Simple Green