Monday, August 20, 2012

Literary Griffin

Still sorting out my thoughts about my Level 2 class. It was neither the best nor the worst class I've ever taught - I really had some terrible stage-fright problems in the lead-up, worse than normal, don't quite know why, and then there were things I'd change and things that went well...might write more about that later, but first I have to do some re-cleaning.

Folks arrive for a visit on Thursday; they have much higher housekeeping standards than I do so the week before Orient Point (weekend before last), I "pre-cleaned" so I was at least starting from a reasonable baseline. Of course there's now a lot of debris from the camping weekend and the Level 2 weekend but that shouldn't be too bad...still gonna take some work! In the meantime, I thought I'd share this funny little watercolor. Ran across this little griffin with his beak stuck in a book during the pre-cleaning - can't remember when exactly I painted him but fun to find him again. Quite appropriate for cubicle decor here at the Really Big Children's Publishing House, too.

note the next day: stats indicate that there are dozens of people looking at this. That might not sound all that exciting but for this blog, "dozens" constitutes a major statistic event, and such events are usually triggered by me actually coughing up something worth reading. I'm absolutely baffled at why this little placeholder excuse for a post is suddenly so popular.  Can anyone tell me where you are all coming from?

Boy, these interwebs be an inexplicable place sometimes.

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