Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sebago Makes Sailing World (and they used my picture)!

Well, what fun! If any of my sailor friends get Sailing World magazine, when you get your September issue, check out Page 10 for a really good article about the Sebago Cup, the annual open-class cruising race for dinghies run by the Sailing Committee of the Sebago Canoe Club! And they used this picture, taken by yours truly! Woohoo!

 Now I'm even more psyched that I'll actually be around and able to do it this year - seems like every other year since I started sailing dinghies, there's been some unavoidable conflict. This year, as long as the winds are within my range, I expect to be out there, probably getting my okole kicked, but having a good time anyways.

 And I'm on the race committee again for our annual District 8 Laser regatta on Sept. 8th (click here for Notice of Race, click here for Sailing Instructions).  I regret that that means I can't help with the CIBBOWS Triple Dip at Coney Island (if any area paddlers might be available, please follow that link - they're a really nice crew to volunteer for,  they always throw a really nice after-swim party, and this one, being post-Labor-Day, has a totally civilized start time), but I've been helping out as starter and recorder every year we've run this and I'm glad I'm around to help out again this year (I was going to be in Kentucky but that trip got moved back a bit).

 Looks like it's gonna be a sorta saily September. I'm looking forward to it.


Tillerman said...

Just got my Sailing World and spotted this article straight away. I assumed you must have had some role on the event. Didn't know you were the photographer! Well done!

bonnie said...

Thanks! I haven't done this race yet but I'm really looking forward to it this year.

The picture was actually from one of our fall race series days - the ones I struggled in so horribly the first year I did them.

I think my strategy for this year's cup is just going to be "Follow Jim"! :D