Tuesday, August 07, 2012

One Last Olympic Post: Best Sailboat Race Commentary EVER

2nd Update: Gawker's got it, at least for the moment! Check it out quick, before it goes away.

UPDATE: WOW. Sorry folks, that WAS incredibly funny - but it's gone now:

"Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by International Olympic Committee claiming that this material is infringing: Boats."

JEEZE. IOC, please check in at the lost and found - maybe someone turned in your sense of humor.

Back when it was still there (and hysterical), I had gotten it via Holly the Sailing Committee Co-Chair AND the Malden Yacht Club's own Ol' Philosophizer. Thanks to both - I'm so glad I got to see it while it lasted.

Oh - PS - Holly always gets referred to here as "Holly the Sailing Committee Co-Chair", but she's also Holly the Amazing Artist. Check out this article about her latest work - it looks wonderful. I'm almost tempted to go on a field trip to see it.


my2fish said...

man, that's a shame they took that video down. I thought it was pretty dang funny myself.

Buck said...

I don't know if Vimeo has the same automated takedown tools that YouTube has, but see how it can happen: http://motherboard.vice.com/2012/8/6/nasa-s-mars-rover-crashed-into-a-dmca-takedown

Tillerman said...

That is terrible. The Olympics censors strike again. They obviously have no sense of humor. That video was much more entertaining than any of the other sailing video streams coming from official sources.

bonnie said...

It was excellent, wasn't it?

At least a lot of us did get to see it before the IOC got their collective knickers in a collective twist.

Buck, I suspect this one's legit - the IOC claiming copyright infringement over an irreverent use of a video of an Olympic event seems pretty straightforward.

I'd be delighted if it was a mistake and it goes back up though, 'cause it was feckin' brilliant.

JP said...

Just saw the saw the mirror (thanks) - soooo funny!