Friday, August 24, 2012

South Street Flyers

Ended up going to the South Street Seaport Museum today. First time since reopening. I was crushed to find out that the Peking is closed forever - we'd finished the galleries by 2:30; we thought about running to catch the 3:00 Pioneer sail but then I mentioned that the real showpiece of the museum's collection was this great old massive four-masted cargo ship and my folks thought that was really more interesting.

Nice to see all the work on the lightship Ambrose but dang - the South Street Seaport without the Peking? This makes me sad.

Well, here were some people at Trapeze School NY. Mom went into the mall to windowshop, TQ & my dad & I decided to grab a table and have a drink until it was time to head uptown.


Harry said...

Bonnie are you going to take your folks over to the Portside? Caroline is having a art sale, fundraiser for the Mary W every day till the 30th.

bonnie said...

We may go this afternoon. They are here for even less time than I thought - I thought they were heading out Monday but they are heading out tomorrow early afternoon. We're heading out to Sebago for the open paddle this morning & then a little touring of Red Hook is definitely one of our options for the afternoon.