Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sheep in Myth, Fish on Friday, and chickens under a tree

One silly cartoon & 2 more little tiny watercolors I found while getting ready for my folks to visit (oddly enough this one ended up being more thorough than usual because I knew I wasn't going to have much time immediately before they arrived). Sheep In Myth. I don't know what brought this one on, but I like it. In fact I was glad to find it this week, with all the other old arts and crafts and doodles I've been pulling out of the backs of closets I was actually thinking "I wonder where I lost Sheep In Myth, I may have to redo them". Well, here they are, wagging their assorted wooly, scaly, finny, or polka-dot-boxer-shorts-clad tails behind them. Click for detail
And here's a tiny watercolor of some chickens under an apple tree -
and another of a Navy dolphin. Go Navy! And of course this is your fish on friday! OK, I'm posting it late Thursday, but it'll be Friday soon. :D
I painted both of these at the same time as the literary griffin. I think I had less money and more time when I was painting these little medallion thingies (and they are little, the griffin is 3.5" high, the navy dolphin is 2 and three-quarters inches and the chickens under the tree one is about 2 and a quarter) and I thought I was going to make notecards for gifts for friends or something. Never actually did any or anything but they were still fun to find in my cleaning. The sheep in myth was going to be part of the Silly Livestock Day I'd promised to get back to my normal frivolity - but then I had the horrible cooking accident to write about late late late last night, and I thought that was frivolity a-plenty. BTW, if the blogger version is too small to see the details, there's one up at flickr where you should be able to see larger versions. I gotta find some time to play with paint again one of these days. It's been such a busy summer!


O Docker said...

I know this is a post about the mythology of the sheep, but somehow my mind wandered off-topic while reading it.

I focused on the second image of chickens under an apple tree.

I'm drawn to enigmas like the question of why roosters are said to crow. After all, crows don't 'crow', they 'caw'. Why doesn't a rooster 'rawster', then? Where did they get 'crow'?

There's simply no onomatopoetic logic to it. A crow's 'caw' is definitely monosyllabic, while a rooster's 'crow' goes on for a gaggle of syllables (I think a bunch of syllables may be safely called a gaggle).

This must have come about because grown up, mature people started feeling foolish saying cock a doodle do every time they needed to describe what a rooster does, so they came up with this crow nonsense.

Grown up, mature people seem to worry a lot more about looking foolish than I do.

bonnie said...

Or maybe Cockadoodledoo just takes too long to say in normal conversation. And to shorten "the rooster's cockadoodledoo" to "the rooster's cock"...well, that's just a little questionable for polite conversation.

bonnie said...

P.S. - So, enjoying retirement much? :D

O Docker said...

I think if I had to do this all over again, I'd retire for forty years first and then worry about finding a job.

bonnie said...

Sounds great, except I think I'd shoot myself when it got to be time to pay for the fun.