Friday, August 31, 2012

Pegasus, Pegasus, Lilac, Lilac, Lilac, And Various Schooners

Pegasus the original
Pegasus by Bowsprite. What an absolutely lovely evening on board the Lilac.
Original buoy tender Lilac
Lilac's bow by Bowsprite

One more of the Lilac, just because -

Good music on the buoy deck -

 a beautiful evening (as mentioned),
And (no surprise here), I ran into lots of old friends. Found out that the Old Salt has a book out (and it looks very salty indeed and I can't wait for the dead tree edition to come out), that Tugster and a friend of his did some work on a very interesting film that had been at something of a standstill when last I'd heard (more on that down the road someday, I hope, there's a lot to still be done first), and the 20th annual Great North River Tugboat Race And Contest is on Sunday, so I can go (yay, I thought it was Saturday & I'm volunteering all day at Sebago - I'm just tickled to find out I can do both)! Oh, yes, and the art was lovely of course! Somehow I managed to miss the auction completely...this may not have been such a bad thing...
Frank's paintings are even more spectacular in person -
Christina's schooner room held particular temptation in the form of a sketch of the schooner I used to work on, the Adirondack - ooh, there she goes now, wish I'd had my telephoto!
Oh, and speaking of my old employers (pardon the blatant commercial plug but I loved working for these folks, think they're one of the nicest ways to see the harbor) - here was something else I was glad to finally see! I knew they had the America 2.0, but somehow, I hadn't seen her yet - finally got my chance tonight, isn't she a nice-looking boat?


Anonymous said...

nice post . . . and it was fun to see you last night, even if we get together only once in a blue moon . . . . i esp like the foto of lilac juxtaposed with the mirror-wall building . . . .

bonnie said...

Let me know if you want to meet up for the West India Day Parade on Monday!

bowsprite said...

you should put up your sandy hook shell necklace, Frogma! that is a good auction piece if you could bear to part with it! xoxoc!

bonnie said...

I can't sell something that's going to crumble to bits in 3 wearings! :D