Wednesday, June 29, 2005

better now :)

better now more or less -

great great GREAT sail last night, 3-hour charter, nice folks, good wind, we went all over the harbor with 'em - feeling like maybe I'm getting caught up at work (although I've felt that way twice before & both time my lovely illusion was buried under a mountain of 3-month-old invoices) , and today on lunch hour I signed up for Red Cross CPR & first aid classes during July & for BCU 2-star Coach training in August. Lord knows if or when I'll go for the certification but it will be good to get a structured refresher in teaching basic skills.

no time for a real post but just wanted to say something rather than leave my whiny post as the last for people to worry about - I will be too busy tonight (seeing The Glass Menagerie, short notice, "Mrs. KB" called me about it at 2:00 but I had no plans tonight & was able to go, yay, ages since I saw a play) and tomorrow (2nd gathering of my friend Dab's "Pre-Natal Paddling Posse", last week's was just lovely although that was the night I blew my offside roll), don't want people thinking I'm not posting 'cause I'm curled up in a corner going boo hoo hoo when I'm just too busy having fun...

to close, I will plagiarize...myself. 'Cause I thought this was not a terrible idea & wanted to share it - details need a lot of work but the deal was, OnKayaks did a awfully nice post about me while I was sick a couple of weeks back - it had a picture of some pilings with a light fixture on them, and a fuzzy but identifiable little chunk of the Jersey shore behind it - he asked me if I recognized it, and I didn't specifically but I made finding it into a game. On Monday I left the following comment on his site -

I found the light!

Did you know that that picture was taken (location deleted in case local paddling friends look at the picture & want to play too)? I recognized (additional dead giveaways deleted for same reason)- was out on the river & harbor both days over the weekend, spotted 'em and looked east when they all lined up the same as the picture & voila, I saw the lights!

if I was still a partner at MKC I would be trying to figure out how to turn something like this into a game for clients - sort of a waterborne kayak scavenger hunt. That'd be a great game for an intro to navigation type class - getting people to think about how to use landmarks to determine location - you could hand out a laminated set of photos of objects viewed from land and a laminated chart on which they'd have to show the location with a dry-erase marker or post-it flags or something like that.

Kind of like geocaching only using your eyes instead of a GPS, y'know?

anybody wants to swipe that idea, I'm not going to patent it or anything, have fun!

Figured I'd just throw that out here too. Anybody wants to play with the idea, be my guest. I think the relatively small field (so there weren't a lot of clues except the shape of the buildings & the charter boats in front of 'em, which was really the giveaway as I recognized those & knew the general vicinity) and the fuzziness of the focus made it particularly fun 'cause I actually did have to look closely to match the real waterfront with what I recalled from the photo.

So I'll be off for the next couple of days probably - will catch up some over the weekend, 3 days, few plans, hurrah. Thanks for the nice comments from Tuesday, very thoughtful.

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