Tuesday, June 07, 2005


GREAT to start the day off with a little good news!

I think this thing would've just WRECKED the West Side. Saw a drawing once - it was just this hulking behemoth sitting there, looming over the river. Like an elephant in a living room. And the traffic...oh, the mind reels. They said (good old stupid "they") people would take public transportation - who are they kidding? Hasn't Bloomberg ever try to get past Madison Square Garden before a Knicks game? Don't bother taking a cab, with all the people who for some unknown reason though it'd be a better idea to drive into town and furthermore think they're ha ha going to find ha ha ha parking anywhere in the ha ha ha ha ha vicinity, it'll cost you all the money you've got on you and you can walk wherever you're going faster. Ugh. This was a bad, bad idea. Bravo Messrs. Sheldon & Bruno.

Now I wonder what's going on with the Marty Markowitz Coliseum?? Haven't heard so much as a peep over that in a long time. I should go check with my friend who lives in that area, see what's going on there...

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