Monday, June 13, 2005

Blogroll updates

While doing laundry, I did do a couple of blogroll updates -

1. Been getting generally good response to my virtual Hudson River kayak tour so I made that a permanent link -
2. Added 'cause it looks like a fantastic boating safety site - they have some quizzes where you can test your nautical knowledge & other features, including the one for which I was doing a Google search when I found it, a nautical to statute miles converter. I haven't had the free time to nose around but it just looks fun & instructional.
3. I had to bid a sad adieu to "The Executive" as the lead on the "This Is All Their Fault" blogroll - things got crazy for him earlier this year & he didn't update for a very long time - I kept checking hoping for updates, but finally he was gone & now some imposter has taken over the name and is using it to shill discount prepaid phone cards. We've been friends for a long time and we do stay in touch other ways, but I really enjoyed some of his writing & he was the one that first introduced me to this blog silliness. sniff. Really didn't want anyone to think it was anything stupid that made that link go away.

OK, off to bed now - have to get up again frighteningly soon! oh boy, i'm goin' in a race, oh boy oh boy oh boy...

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