Friday, June 24, 2005

Wave Hill, The Bronx, 6/19/2005

Work has been crazed lately - indulging myself with another lunch-hour blogging break. Just a short one today, too - last night I put together a new Buzznet gallery - it's not Frogma Tour #2, just some pictures from my trip up there to see the Meteorologic Phenomena show. That was a really nice activity for the day, recovering from 2 days of an extremely unpleasant ailment as I was.

Here's the gallery. Hope you enjoy!

This weekend's plans - paddling tonight; working a full day on the schooner tomorrow; aforementioned Paddle n' Ceili on Sunday. On Monday, I will be enjoying that illusionary sensation one gets, after hours on the water, when it feels like your office chair is rocking gently.

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