Thursday, June 16, 2005

Surfski Race Gremlins Win. Again. Plus Pale Male Update!

Little bastards.

What is it about me and surfski races that I am never allowed to go in one, start when everyone else does, not have something weird happen to my boat, paddle strongly, and actually find out where I stack up against the rest of the field?

After 2 days home from work, generally flat on my back, eating only because a person is really supposed to eat every now & then, I emailed Kayak Boy & DW to let them know that after a 4-block walk to the grocery store for potatoes to boil (boiled potatoes being about the only thing I could imagine eating) left me so wiped out I crashed for a 3 hour nap immediately upon my return, it is my considered opinion that a 4-mile kayak race starting at 9:30 am on Saturday would probably kill me.

OK, that's an exaggeration. I just don't think I'd better count on being all hunky-dory by then at the rate my recovery is going.

I'm so dissappointed. I was pretty excited about this. If I'd just been enough better today that I could have gone to work, then done a see-how-it-goes kind of paddle after work, I would have gone ahead - but that just didn't happen. $@*#!!

oh well.

I'd write about the silly things that happened to wreck my last 2 surfski races, but even sitting up typing is't really going well.

So, enough of me whining, I'm sick, no race, bleah, end of story. Here's something fun though - y'know how on my last Pale Male & Lola update I was kind of sad because after all they went through, their eggs weren't going to hatch?

Well, as Michlt at Rivertyde pointed out in a comment, that's not really the worst thing that could happen - they've been extremely successful in furthering the redtail race here in New York City and can really afford to miss a year here & there. Come to think of it, this was probably a good year to miss, too - they did have to put in all that extra energy rebuilding their nest this year, so maybe it's easier on them to not have to go through the hard work of raising youngsters, too.

They apparently haven't settled on that as the best plan of action, though - they started mating flights again in late May to early June. Last field notes at were from June 7th - Lincoln & the hawkwatching team are faithful about those so I assume that means no really big news lately.

However - while all the drama was swirling around Pale Male & Lola (who are going to be in July's Vanity Fair - how very NY!), the hawk pair (Pale Male Jr. - he is believed to be one of Pale Male's offspring - and mate - I guess nobody's named her yet) that nests at the Trump Parc Hotel has been quietly bringing up a pair of eyases of their own - there are a couple of nice family portraits at!


I'm going back to bed now. sigh.

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