Friday, June 10, 2005

Frogma Virtual Kayak Tour, 6/4/05, Pier 63 - Pier 26

Pua asked me for pictures the other day.

Well - this may be a bit more than she was hoping for, but that request gave me an idea for something I thought might be fun - virtual kayak tours!

So last Saturday, I picked up a waterproof camera, took it with me on a leisurely paddle from my barge to the Downtown Boathouse and back and...well, without further ado (cause I've got work to do), here it is, Frogma Virtual New York Waterfront Kayak Tour #1, Pier 63 in Chelsea to the Downtown Boathouse.

I do have to mention that doing this was fun but this is the first thing I've ever done that really got me thinking about, yikes, technology upgrades (grinding teeth)...a digital camera would've improved this tremendously (if for no other reason than it's REALLY HARD to line up the picture right when you're sitting in a small boat and a digital camera would've let me reshoot at least the most egregiously slanted horizons)...and as I got all caught up in this & determined to finish it last night, grindingly slow dialup uploads be damned, who needs sleep, well, as I was finally being forced to admit that DSL would be nice...

Oops. I said no further ado and here I am adoing away...anyways, hope you enjoy it! If people like it I might be inclined to at least think about the digital camera - been toying with the idea of that for a while, people have so much fun with 'em.

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