Wednesday, June 22, 2005

everybody go look at the moon tonight!

what a fantastic paddle last night. No time to write much now but if you're reading this - ooh, do try to get to someplace you can see the moon rise tonight, it was really beautiful last night. That "full moon illusion" was very noticeable - in fact no time to write but here, I posted this comment on - it was awfully late - boy, I could've stayed out there for a couple more hours easily - but I sort of had to say something somewhere before I could get to sleep:

Well, I had a great paddle tonight, still shaking water out of my ears from playing at the end - of course the flood was rocking and making all sorts of eddies to play in, so it was fun, and the moon rose over the city (I paddle in New York) very orange & enormous - but then instead of climbing up into the sky and "diminishing "(like the capital on that street in Wisconsin, that was interesting!) to a normal moon-sized moon over the next couple of hours, (as would be normal moon behavior), it was still hanging very low and looking very large even when I got off the subway three and a half hours after moonrise (it was so beautiful I stayed out way past my bedtime). Pretty. Darned. Cool.

Plus there were fireworks - I didn't mention those on because it was completely irrelevant to my initial post which was just "everybody should go watch the moonrise tonight" just like I'm doing here - but one of the cool things about urban paddling is the frequency of random corporate-sponsored fireworks shows - some of 'em are pretty good, too, same scale as a small town's 4th of July show, I betcha. Those are actually the main thing I look for on the events calendar I get every month from the Coast Guard. Haven't been looking lately 'cause work's been so unpredictable so last night's was just sort of a nice bonus surprise on top of the moon illusion.

btw I'm not sure now whether I found that thing while I was looking for information on the Mars email or whether I found it on Sea Level - I'm usually pretty good about crediting people so I think this may just be a great minds thinking alike thing. Well, Sea Level's always worth a link anyways.

ok, back to work now. Corporate Challenge tonight. Oh my, I have SO failed to train for this AT ALL this year (not that I train seriously, it's just that somehow this year I've been so busy I've had no time for running). I love our company's shirts this year - it features, on the front, the Really Big Children's Publishing Firm identifying info, but on the back, we have Jim Benton's It's Happy Bunny sticking his tongue out a la the Life. Get One.cover - the accompanying text is "I May Be Slow. But I'm In Front Of You." heh heh heh. Funny. Mean, but funny.

anyways, much to do before tonight's run. so ttfn!

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