Saturday, June 18, 2005

Have to say one last thing re Schiavo case -

Some people who have been reading this site long enough may remember that one of my occasional "liberal rants" was on the Terri Schiavo case - I just couldn't stay quiet then.

Well - I felt no compulsion whatsoever to say anything when the autopsy results came out - if anything, I thought "Good, maybe this will finally let people let this go & let the families get on with their lives, nothing left for the right-wingers to use" - but I was browsing Yahoo news this morning & ran across this item:

Gov. Bush seeks probe of Schiavo husband's actions


I'm sorry, I doubt that this is the sort of thing that people who are reading this these days are looking for, but, well, this is just too sick for me not to say something.

So sick that I don't know exactly what to say or where to even start - except why can't they just let it be over already???

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