Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cool Thing About New York...

Glass Menagerie was quite good...

got me thinking once again about some of the neat things about living in NYC -

I can hear 16 different languages being spoken during my morning commute;

I can walk to the grocery store & notice that a block away from my apartment I'm walking behind two women, one of whom is wearing shorts & a t-shirt, the other in a lovely lavender salwar khamees (oh how I was wishing I had a camera with me that day, that was just so Brooklyn, in the best way possible!).

I have never seen the kind of "marriage=stick figure man+stick figure woman+stick figure child" I once saw Tuna Girl refer to in a post as being something that bothered her;

I can wake up in the morning thinking that the evening is going to bring nothing more exciting than a jog, a little apartment tidying, and maybe a bit of blogging, but have 7:55 find me being part of a theatre audience waiting for Jessica Lange and Christian Slater & a couple more fine actors to take the stage and do a little Tennessee Williams for us...

Pretty. Darned. Cool.

p.s. thank you again Mrs. KB!

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