Friday, June 24, 2005

Roll On DDF, Roll ON!

It has been brought to my attention that I failed to mention that one of the features of my sublime Tuesday evening was witnessing some supremely smooth, low-key, and yes, still goofy rolling by DDF!

Bad BK. Bad.

Or maybe I'm just still miffed about the muffin...

anyways - I probably would have gotten to that because that was definitely one of the cool things about Tuesday night. And it was funny, I'd been surfskiing for 2 weeks so when I did a roll, it felt all mushy at first, I think that if DDF & I had been rolling side-by-side with a person who knows the signs of a well-executed roll when they see it, they might...just...possibly have said that goofyman was (ack) rolling better than, the Pool Queen...agh...

Did get it tuned up & working later though, just needed to warm up. But it's really funny how fast things get sloppy in decked-boat land after just a couple of weeks of primarily paddling the open-cockpit all-about-speed-and-balance surfski.

p.s. to DDF - alright, ya whiner, happy now?

p.p.s. to DDF...uh oh...I think you get a new nickname in honor of the goofiness of your roll...yes..."Goofyman"...I dub thee GOOFYMAN!

;D />

(frogma kayak smiley, patent pending, wish blogger would let spaces be spaces at the start of a paragraph!)

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