Tuesday, July 16, 2013

City of Water Day - Saturday, July 20th, all over the city this time!

So I have just been kvetching about the heat over on Facebook (very mildly, I just said that I ran errands tonight except that because it was so hot I really more moseyed errands - did get some stuff done though) and that reminds me that I haven't done my annual "City of Water Day is coming!" post. Because on a hot & sticky July day in NY, one of the best places to be is on or by the water.

And you don't have to wait in line for the Governor's Island ferry to get to the City of Water this year. The main event will, as usual, be held there from 10 to 4, and I'm sure it'll be as much fun as it always is (a couple of posts from other years, just as a sample - 2009's City of Boats Boats and More Boats and City of Water Kids), but this year there are also going to be a number of smaller events in other areas, including at the Sebago Canoe Club in Canarsie where we'll be taking people out all day. There will be events in all five boroughs (and of course the "Sixth Borough", that goes without saying), plus Hoboken and Yonkers - and it's not just kayak and canoe trips, if that doesn't happen to be your cup of iced tea, there are arts and crafts, music, tours, and all sorts of other things to do. 

Personally, if I wasn't going to be on the water at Sebago I think I would go play with radio-controlled model boats on the Gowanus and then head back to the GBX for a tour of the historic ferry Yankee (above) - that's where I was posting pictures from the last couple of posts before my Coney Island pictures. I did poke around some but only in the obviously public areas; there was going to be a tour, but the lecture ran long and the Manhattan crowd had a certain ferry they really needed to catch so that got cut (it was still a very nice little adventure for a work night, though). 

For full details on all of the events, click here: 
http://www.cityofwaterday.org/neighborhood/. Should be a fun day!

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