Saturday, July 13, 2013

Imu Hao

Waikiki Surfer (fka GregandKris from Love and Coconuts, they moved to Hawai'i - well, mostly, it seems like poor Kris is doing a lot of shuttling back and forth to Portland but Greg's all settled in and doing lots of surfing, water kind not internet!) got me all envious (even more than usual) yesterday when he posted on Facebook "Kalua pig, straight from the imu!". A little bit later he admitted that he had named his slow-cooker "Imu". Story now on his blog.

So I figured that he can name a crockpot "Imu" (would that be "Imu Ui'la", electric imu?) then I can call my Dutch oven my "Imu Hao" (iron imu). 

Whatever you want to call the pot - this is pernil, and I think it's gonna be pretty onolicious (tasty)!

REAL imu (in case you didn't already know and hadn't guessed). Vintage Hawai'ian postcard, 1950's, found on ebay, still for sale!

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