Sunday, July 14, 2013

Life's a beach. A dozen photos from Coney Island plus bonus B&B video!

As usual, click on pictures for better views.
Early afternoon at Grimaldo's Chair (I went to swim, I swam a mile and change and then came back and got out my camera).

Met Life Blimp out for a cruise

Looking down Brighton Beach towards Coney Island Beach.

Brighton Beach

Coney Island Beach with Coney's 3 iconic old rides (Parachute Jump, Deno's Wonder Wheel, and the Cyclone) visible in the distance.

Sailing by

Italian ice vendor and low-flying child

Tribute in sand to our local minor-league team, the Coney Island Cyclones

Further down Coney Island

Shepherd keeping watch (that's one of the lifeguards out there on the yellow paddleboard, keeping an eye on things from the outside). 

Parachute Jump. Haven't seen the new light show yet, hear it's pretty fancy!

B&B Carousel - just opened on the Boardwalk after a five-year renovation. Have to come back with my better camera to do this justice.

B&B Carousel in action!



Pandabonium said...

Nice pics. I'd love to see carousels make a comeback. The horses, the art, the organ music, bright lights, polished brass, all whirling around and up and down - magical.

bonnie said...

Thanks! It's not Lanikai, but the water is pleasant and it's 20 minutes by subway.

This is the 2nd restored carousel on the NY waterfront - the other one is in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, in a giant glass case. I took a couple of pictures of that one last winter -

I have not seen that one in action.

I love the B&B carousel's music - it's so clashy and brassy.

bonnie said...

More about the B&B Carousell - yes, it turns out it's got 2 L's!

Pandabonium said...

The two I'm most familiar with are the one at Disney Anaheim and at Griffith Park, Los Angeles (built in 1926 by Spillman Engineering). This carousel inspired Disney himself to buy the Dentzel carousel built in Philadelphia in 1922, for Disneyland.

I'm familiar with both and have great pics of my granddaughter on the one at Disneyland.

Truly wonderful machines which should be preserved wherever we find them.