Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Sail, Light Air

I took a few pix during the July Sailing Committee Cruise at Sebago today but this was my hands-down favorite. Lovely day out there, our heat wave has broken and it was SO refreshing to be outside without being drenched in sweat. Great weather for an afternoon sail followed by a potluck dinner. We set out from the club shortly before 3; winds were a bit better than forecast and we had a very nice sail out to Ruffle Bar, our usual lunch break. This was about 5:30, I think, and we were heading back to the club. The wind had died down and as this boat with her striking red sail sailed off, it just hit me that this would make an awfully pretty picture. I like how it came out. 

It's also a little sad because the builder and sailor of this boat and his wife (who also sails the boat with him quite often, she was entertaining some friends today, they all met us back at the club for the potluck) are two very long-term members of the Sebago sailing committee, are about to move to Oklahoma. They're taking the boat, he was saying today there are some sizeable lakes there and they'll have plenty of opportunities. They are very nice folks, he was one of the many members of the sailing committee who helped me make the not-all-that-easy-but-oh-so-rewarding switch from keelboat crew to dinghy sailor. it's sad to see them go.


Ian Berger said...

A lovely little sailboat.

bonnie said...

She is, isn't she? I'll miss seeing that red sail out on the Bay.