Friday, July 19, 2013

Fish on Friday

Me and Mrs. Holcomb, the really lovely neighbor lady at the lake who took me fishing in Texas very briefly at some point in the 70's, and fresh-caught dinner for 8. Not sure which lake, whatever lake it is/was where my aunt & uncle had a "cabin" (really a trailer home but made for a fine lakeside vacation retreat). Uncle had a motorboat and fancy fishing gear but I never caught so many fish in my life as I did when Mrs. Holcomb decided to take me under her wing during one vacation up there. She fixed me up with a plain bamboo pole with a bobber and we would seine for minnows for bait and then we would go out in her little aluminum skiff and catch largemouth bass until we had enough for dinner for all. 

Good memories from my aunt & uncle's old home in TX, my mom sent a lovely set of photos along after they went down for my uncle's funeral. Again, so glad we got in that good visit in December. Busy week here but just can't resist sharing this one.


Baydog said...

Seining for bait to go fishing is about as old school as you could get. Welcome to Southdrive.

bonnie said...

Some of the best fishing I ever remember doing - and some of the best fish dinners too! So simple, just dredged in seasoned flour & fried up in butter, and soooo good.

Only fish that may have compared was a little teeny salmon I caught once. Fought like a much bigger fish and we were all surprised when he came up and he was the size of a rainbow trout. We went to let him go and it turned out he'd swallowed the hook. The friend of my dad's who'd taken us fishing said that it wouldn't survive so he bonked it on the head. We couldn't have it on the boat, though, so he fileted it on the spot. He had some seasoned coating, a hot plate and some oil on board in case of emergency.

Nothing like salmon two minutes out of the water.

Keep Reaching said...

Brings back memories of my childhood in Texas - my parents had a house on Lake Conroe and while we never seined for minnows - we had a garden with plenty of earthworms and we caught a lot of bream and crappie right off the dock. And what a pleasure teaching my girls to fish - they even managed to put the worms on the hook.

bonnie said...

K.R., now that you say Lake Conroe, I'm wondering if that was the name of the lake. My aunt and uncle lived in the suburbs of Houston until my uncle retired, that's when they built their home in Huntsville (with the window that looked out over the pasture so that my aunt could look at their horses while she washed the dishes). Looking at the map, it looks like it had to be either Conroe or Livingston.

Good memories either way.