Saturday, July 06, 2013

Water Lily, Baw Beese Lake, Michigan

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!


my2fish said...

sweet pic - did you get to play on the water? I tried to sail my Sunfish on the 5th, but there was little to no wind. but me and 2 friends took a maybe 2-hr kayak trip around the lake, it was very fun!

my2fish said...

so is that where you were in Michigan? on Thursday & Friday I was at Round Lake & Devils Lake, only about 25 miles east of Baw Beese Lake!

bonnie said...

Yes, I got to play on and in the lake - this was taken just offshore from the home of very good friends of my Aunt K. and Canoe-Building Uncle - it was Canoe-Building Uncle whose 80th birthday we were there to celebrate. The friends weren't actually home but my aunt keeps a kayak there and they are incredibly generous about letting my aunt and uncle bring the whole gang over to play with boats. We had a special event this time - Canoe-Building Uncle has been working on a beautiful strip-built kayak for my cousin who lives in Vermont - Cousin D. came for the party and got to do the inaugural paddle! Nice boat, too.

I also took my parents' dog for her first kayak ride. She was very good but she thought it was a pretty horrible idea! I think she could get used to it but my folks don't really do a lot of boating where they live.