Thursday, July 11, 2013

More pictures from Red Hook

Just a few more pictures from the trip over to Red Hook tonight - I took a lot and I'm starting this post too late to really feel like writing (sooo sleepy).

Our original destination was supposed to be Hoboken, but then our actual destination in Hoboken suddenly wasn't in Hoboken anymore -- something about Homeland Security, didn't get the full story but with a little less than a week's notice, we were going to Red Hook instead. Unfortunate for our hosts that they had to move so abruptly, but dealing with such things is rather sadly something that our local caretakers of antique vessels get to be fairly good at dealing with - it happens, quite literally, to the best of them. Personally, the change of venue made things a little tricky for me as the new departure time and place was 5:20 at the Wall Street ferry terminal, a little earlier and a little farther away from the office. I was going to leave the office at 4:30 but ended up gambling with my transit time to finish a project for the boss -- said to myself, "OK, I know where the ferry terminal is, if take the time to look up the contact number and the actual address in case I miss the ferry, I'll almost certainly miss the ferry, might as well just bolt and see if I make it".  Fortunately both trains I needed to turn up right away both turned up right away (boy did I feel lucky, that NEVER happens) and then after a bit of broken-field running through the tourists on Wall Street I got there with a whole 5 minutes to spare. Woohoo!

As usual, click on the pictures for a nice full-screen view. 

On the ferry - Tug Cheyenne

Tug Cheyenne, northbound on the East River, heading for the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. 

On the grounds of the Gowanus Bay Terminal.

Glad to have a chance to get some up-close photos of this old grain silo. I've seen it from a distance a lot but never made it down to the area (and wouldn't have been allowed to enter even if I had). 

Repurposed bulk carrier the MV Loujaine.

Not our destination but also a neat thing to have a chance to take some pictures of.

More to come, probably over the weekend. 

Click here to read an interesting Waterwire article about the Gowanus Bay Terminal, the old silo, and the MV Loujaine. 


Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to see the inside of loujiane

bonnie said...

Yeah, that would be neat.

We missed you on Tuesday - you were where, Brazil was it? Great seeing Bowsprite at least, it had been ages.

Pandabonium said...

You know what the calf asked the grain silo don't you?

"Is my fodder in there?"