Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Don't know where this Throwback Thursday thing that people do now came from but I've got a couple of photots that I thought would be cute to post as a pair, from the same set of photos from my Texas aunt and uncle's old home as last week's Fish on Fridays. Here's me and my puppy on her very first day at her new home in Aiea in the early 80's (in fact I think we had just gotten out of the car), and my mom and HER puppy, on the porch in Basking Ridge sometime in the mid-40's. 


Baydog said...

So nice to see you were still young and innocent in the early eighties.
Those years saw some turbulent times for me as well as magical ones. I'm lucky to say that very, very few of those times I actually regret.

bonnie said...

Yeah, that was a bit before any teenaged shenanigans would've really started up - and by the time my friends started into any sort of serious skulduggery I'd been carted off to Washington and had to read about it in letters. Not quite the same!